Wednesday, 11 February 2015

On Becoming A Metafit Instructor

For reasons that will become clear in due time I recently undertook a day course to become a metafit instructor. Metafit, for the uninitiated, is a "30 minute metabolic workout". The workout aims to change the resting metabolism by working big muscle groups with simple un-choreographed, high intensity intervals, inside of 30 minutes. It was developed by former Royal Marine commando Justin Corcoran who actually taught my group himself.
Metafit is one of my favourite classes these days. It's bloody hard work but I always feel great afterwards and I can get through knowing it's only 30 minutes. Well, actually it's 30 minutes including the warm up... the evil part ranges from 17 to 22 minutes... quite manageable. The idea is to go all out during that time though so you're spent by the end. There are lots of squat thrusts, burpees, walk out press ups and sprints. All things I dislike but want to be better at.

The course took place in London in a dance studio. There were only seven of us, two guys and five women, all at different stages in our fitness careers; as such it was great chatting to everyone. We started out by actually doing one of the latest releases, "Behind Enemy Lines". I'm rubbish at commando crawls and my get ups need some work but overall it was awesome. What I like about the classes is that they are such hard work you are entirely focused on getting through it. Even though we were working out in front of a mirrored wall I don't think I looked in it at all.
Dans la studio.
Similarly to Les Mills branded workouts, there are new releases every month. Unlike Les Mills the music is PPL free and the ongoing subscription for instructors is much lower. Also unlike Les Mills the instructor does not take part in the class. It is physically impossible to do the session and teach it. Just can't be done. Justin was constantly moving around the group reminding us to jump higher, make the moves bigger and PICK THOSE KNEES UP NOW! In the nicest possible way of course.
We learnt a lot about the origins of the workout, how to teach it effectively and practiced instructing some warm ups and mini-sessions ourselves. It was a lot of fun, and rather refreshing. Since the course I've been brushing up on all the moves and trying to put myself through a few sessions at home. That takes some will power I can tell you!

But you can now find me on the list of metafit instructors in the area and I'm looking forward to teaching for real.

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