Monday, 6 July 2015

Kit Review : Tesco Sports Bra

I apologise if you're male and reading this... I have nothing for you here... but come back soon for a HIIT work out ok? Thanks.

Ladies! This one's for you. Quick show of hands first though if you please. Who owns a sports bra that has seen better days, one that you really should have thrown out a long time ago? I'll confess, until very recently I had two sports bras in my collection, that I still wore, that I bought back in 2007. True story. I horrify myself sometimes. 

We know that we should be replacing our bras regularly. The support deteriorates over time and they don't do the job as well as they used to. My only excuse for continuing to wear the aforementioned bras was that they'd been relegated from "high impact" to "weight training" duties. I would hazard a guess that one of the main reasons we don't replace our sports bras is the expense. You're looking at paying around £30 for a well-known brand of sports bra and you definitely need at least two. I get through five a week if I'm running. 

I've had mixed experiences with budget bras but when I saw this bra on the Tesco website, with a structure and design very similar to that of Shock Absorber, I figured it was worth a try. At just £16 this is a really good alternative to the higher priced bras. It doesn't have all the same technology and is only available in black or white but it works well, at least for me, with slightly-smaller-than-average endowments.
I've raced in this bra already, on a hot day, and it was very comfortable. I think the under-bust band is slightly wider than my other bras which I like but the back fastening slightly flimsier.

Another thing I like are the gel padded straps. In fact I liked this bra so much I've already ordered two more. At that price I can afford to.
Have you found any other "budget" sports bras that you would recommend for runners/high impact work?

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