Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

So I got the down jacket from Howies (lovely lovely people) and it fits very nicely between my fleece and waterproof for those really cold days. I'm looking for excuses to wear it already and seeing as I happened to have a whole weekend in Wales without plans I thought it might be a good opportunity to get out and about for a walk. It's been pretty snowy across the country and was still bitter today so I layered up, packed several litres of water and a few mars bars and headed over to Brecon for a wander around on the Taff Trail. It was too snowy to even attempt Pen-Y-Fan.
It was so stunning out there. Only 2 degrees but I didn't need any layers other than my Merino (THE best investment I've made) and my fleece. I started off with the down jacket but didn't need it after the first 10 mins so I'll probably be fine on top of Kili.

I soon learnt to tell the difference between snow and snow covered ice... some of that ice hid mud and water. Not fun. Still walked for about 4 hours (inspired by Clare) and now feel suitably achey and tired. I've resolved to do some sort of training every day between now and Kili whether it be a run, a walk, core work of whatever. But now, time for a bath and some food. I'll leave you with some pictures.