Saturday, 30 June 2012

Juneathon. Done!

Today was nice and easy in as much as its what I'd do on Saturday anyway and that was parkrun. A new PB for this year again with 29:05 thanks to my OH who finished in 23 something and came back to push me on. I'd probably not have made it otherwise.

So that's it. Done. But I won't be stopping. I could had done a bit more. I had some difficult days due to prior commitments but I'm happy and now I know what I want to focus on next.

Happy running.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Juneathon Days 28 & 29

So close! Yesterday I ran a lovely steady 4.25 miles. I had intended 4.5 but missed a turning. All the way round felt manageable and enjoyable so I was really pleased. I almost ran today but I didn't want tired legs for parkrun tomorrow so it was 200 crunches and a 45 second plank.

I'll be a bit sad when this is over. I think I'll try and keep it up. I would like toned arms. The beginners group at club are planning a 10 mile training plan which I'm excited about hoping the weathers not good for gliding on Sunday so I can go to club rather the watch OH on his lesson.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Juneathon days 26 & 27

Tired. Last nights Frankie Valli concert was amazing. The best concert of my life and I've been to hundreds. Dancing must surely count for Juneathon but I managed 40 crunches before collapsing into bed last night.

Today I'm up in London for work so I've got the walk to and from the station and then the walk to and from the venue later for Alanis Morrisette. It's going to be a stupid late night but I've already logged because I know how far I'll be walking.

And sleep.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Juneathon Day 25

I was looking forward to a 4.5 mile run with some of the club members last night, trialling a race that's happening in a week and a half. Really psyched up. I want to increase my distances, both on single runs and week totals. Then OH suggests a date night at the local for pie.

I like pie. I also like running. It was a really tough decision. I couldn't do both as I had to visit my allotment that evening and I got a bit upset when he said he'd run before we went. In the end he didn't (it's going to be hard enough to forgive him for going to MY club for speed work tonight) and we had a lovely evening. Walked into town and back which was totally negated by pie consumption but does still count as exercise.

No time to run now until Thursday and I miss both speed work and the club championship race and BBQ this week (sulk) however there will be abs work and also Frankie Valli and Alanis Morrisette respectively so I really shouldn't moan.

Got too much energy though!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Juneathon Day 24

Today I managed to get to Sweatshop in Woking with the intention of buying some new running socks. Approximately 40% of my sport socks are those cheap terry lined ones that have become stiff and thin over time (in fact I actually put a hole in a pair today) so I could do with a couple more pairs. I really like the Sweatshop own brand ones plus I had two £5 vouchers so they'd only have been £1 each! T'wasn't to be though, they were all out of my size in both colours so I forces OH to look at the men's gear as I'd given him £20 of vouchers for Christmas and he hadn't spent them yet while I rummaged in the women's section. I tried on a pair of moving comfort momentum shorts I'd been lusting after for months before remembering I already have a pair of shorts I don't wear very often so I tried on some vests instead.

I got a racer back, black and red top in the sale and then used the voucher I got at the Yateley 10k earlier in the month to make it even cheaper! The staff at the Woking branch are lovely; really friendly and knowledgable, unlike those in Bluewater, and they even asked how I'd enjoyed the 10k (there was a code that identified how I came by the voucher)! OH got a pair of shorts so he doesn't have to run in his swim shorts when his proper ones are in the wash and a white t-shirt so he doesn't bake in the sun.

Of course I had to test run my new top so I went out for a 4 miler which I really enjoyed. 10 minute miles :) I think that makes up somewhat for scoffing the last Easter egg in one go last night.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Juneathon Day 23

The end is in sight! Parkrun this morning after a night of Batman films, popcorn and cake. Stomach did not feel good! Also only 6 hours sleep is not advisable for me. Incredibly I shaved 6 seconds off my PB for the year with three pauses with a time of 29:18!!!! Go me!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Juneathon 21 & 22

Yesterday was full! Didn't manage to wake up early so it was straight to Hampton Court for a Caro Emerald concert after work preceded by a picnic dinner. It was windy and cold so it wasn't very pleasant. We sheltered under a tree for our picnic and I seriously considered taking off my heels and jogging a circuit of the garden to warm up! It started raining for the concert so that was fun. I got home about 11:30pm so 40 crunches it was.

Today I had intended to run before work but I was far too tired and that was my only opportunity today as we're entertaining tonight so I did my 200 reps abs work out.

Parkrun tomorrow though. I'm looking forward to having more time to run but I've got some really cool stuff happening next week :)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Forest Five

Last night I ran the Forest Five miler in Swinley Forest. It was the perfect evening for it and I am a fan of the course. The start and finish were a little chaotic. I think there was a briefing but no one could hear it. There are no timing chips for this race so it relies on people writing down your number. I don't think it works too well as the results aren't out yet and I got shouted at for walking through the finish area too quickly. I walked all the hills so I probably didn't get a very good time. I spent some time thinking "why am I doing this?" and some more time thinking that I really need to run further if these distances are ever going to feel comfortable. I'm intimidated by people talking about their 8 milers and up even though I've done it in the past.

Buck up Roberts!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Juneathon Day 19

The balloon flight actually happened last night! So my lunchtime walk yesterday was my sole effort for Juneathon. A lovely 15 mins covering about a mile. Tonight I'll be running 5 trail miles. I'll leave you with this photo from last night.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pathetic Excuse for Juneathon Day 18

Yesterday was a full day at work with my lunchbreak short and containing a nap because I'm so damn tired at the moment. I was meeting my folks in town (London town) to see Tom Petty at the RAH so had to drive there straight from work. It was a great gig but I didn't get home until 11:50 so I barely remembered to do some sits ups for Juneathon. There was no way I was going to be fitting a run in. Pathetic contribution I know but I don't want to give up.

Tonight is usually speed work with the running club but mum and I might finally be getting to go up in a hot air balloon (only 18 months of cancellations behind us) and that's in Kent so a good chunk of evening will be spent driving if it happens with no chance of a run. In order to be a bit better than yesterday I will go for a walk at lunch, just in case.

So tired. Wish I could do more runs but this weeks schedule is impossible. Next "athon" will be better. Or maybe I just keep this going into July.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Juneathon Day 17 - In Desperation

So. Tired. Can't think of any good reason I should be feeling like this.

I was at mum and dad's on Sunday for Fathers Day. I took dad for a visit to Chartwell followed by lunch and a mooch around Greenwich market. I then drove back home for a dance show (spectator, not participator) which I ended up being seriously late for. I helped tidy up after and was therefore late home. I just fell into bed and slept the sleep of not quite enough. Therefore in a desperate claim to stay in juneathon I submit my walking around Chartwell and Greenwich as my effort for day 17. It's probably about 2 miles or so but I wasn't really keeping track.

I can't pretend that day 18 is likely to be any better :(

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Juneathon Days 15 & 16

Just a short post today as I'm at my parent's and shouldn't be unsociable for too long. Yesterday I didn't manage to get out for a run as I was catering for the men folk watching football and was too much of a wuss to run in the rain so I did an abs set of 40 reverse curls, 40 bicycles, 40 crunches, 40 russian twists and 40 side crunches followed by a minute plank.

I was also saving my legs for parkrun today where the Farnham Runners beginners group were running to celebrate the end of their course and becomming fully fledged members of the club. I got a PB for the year so far of 29:27 despite a 10 year old boy sticking to me like glue for the second lap so much so that I almost tripped over him several times. It was great to see so many people from the club there and I was just sorry I didn't get to hang around and chat afterwards.

Hope everyone's doing ok still with this Juneathon lark!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Juneathon Days 13 & 14

So yesterday was the running club's pub run. I thought I was going to miss it because I'd gone round to Anita's to play with her new kitten but in the event a couple of other people were late too and the beginners group I decided to join waited for them. The idea is that you order your food in the pub, go for a run and then have a meal with everyone when you get back. There were a couple of groups that did 7 and 5 miles but I opted for the 2.5 mile because I awsn't sure about the area or how my legs were going to be after speed traning the night before. I'm glad I didn't do the 5 because it was very hilly and very sandy but I enjoyed it and am starting to be able to tell the differene between a hard run and an easy run which is great. I don't know exactly how long it took because no one was timing us but I reckon it was about half an hour.

It was great to socialise with everyone afterwards and I'm definitely starting to make friends there rather than just standing awkwardly on the edge of things. I spent ages talking to Mary and Russell who I met at speed work on Tuesday. I think we may have all talked ourselves into doing a triathlon this year... It's funny how people's perceptions of what's impressive differs. Russell was all about the ultra running and Marathon Des Sables which I think is awesome but he thought my swim in the Thames was something special. I came home full of bounce and happiness which was deflated about half an hour later when I was told that I talk too much about running and that it's boring. The hurt of that comment has only just faded. It hurt because it came from one of the people I like to talk to most about stuff that goes on in my life and running is a big part of that right now. I guess I thought they were more interested in running than they actually are. I've probably taken it too much to heart but there's ways of saying things like that and it was pretty blunt.

I had thought I'd go for a run if I woke up early this morning. I did wake up early but I still felt pretty deflated and I clearly hadn't slept well so instead I walked into town and back at lunch time to visit the library which was almost 2 miles. Broke up the day nicely and I got 3 books so all round win in the absence of time to run later.

I've been chatting to @wannabe_runner on twitter over the past day and I think we're both going to do the Samaritans 10k in Crowthorne on July 1st. She has sort of talked me into it because I'm such a push over! It would be really cool to meet someone I've only ever spoken to on twitter. I've never done that before...

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Juenathon Day 12

I'm so tired/cold even my fingers are shaky so please excuse any spelling mistakes that slip through the net! Just got home from an awesome speedwork session with the running club. The rain held off and I got chatting to some really great people. One of the girls works with my OH's friend. As it happened OH and friend went out for a run tonight and both theis girl and I had tried to persuade them to come to speedwork. Sdaly it was not to be. I reckon they'd have enjoyed it. As it was they ran a 4 miles in the same pace I averaged my half mile repeats so boo sucks.

Tonight I ran 5 x 800m with three mins rest between at an average of 8:15 per mile. I'm really chuffed with that as my fastest pace over anything 3 miles and up is around 9:30 per mile. I was still the slowest but strangely, this time, I don't care! There's hope for me yet!

Tomorrow is pub run which I'm looking forward to.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Juneathon Day 11

Really poor effort today. I'd planned to run this evening, the weather report saying that the rain would have mostly cleared by then but a miserable day at work followed by returning home to find the lounge occupied by football-watching people and the fact it was still cold, wet and windy just drained me out. I got as far as planning what I would wear to run in but I couldn't make it happen, particularly in the knowledge that I will be running in weather like this the next two nights anyway with running club. That's the marvellous thing about the club, I'll go even when the weather is rotten because I like to see people and I feel really bad if I don't go. I wouldn't say I have made any firm friends there yet, no one who'd gee me up to go, but I enjoy being part of it.

So in lieu of a run I did some core work instead. That consisted of 200 exercises, 40 each of regular crunches, reverse crunches, bicycles, lateral crunches and russian twists. I feel pretty rubbish but seeking solace in the knowledge I've not had any alcohol for over a week and that I've been eating well lately. Well done to everyone who has actually gone out and run this evening. Actually one of the things that really puts me off running is having to wash my hair every single time because I get so hot. Dry shampoo just won't cut it so if I run in the evening I end up having two showers a day and that just seems such a pfaff. Lame huh?

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Juenaton Day 10

... where I attend but do not take part in a triathlon.

Yesterday I blogged on the hop about being in need of an early night. You see although I'm a morning person in the sense that I'm quite productive in the morning and can't seem to sleep or lie in for very long, I do struggle with being awake much before 7 and today I had to be at a triathlon at 6:50am that was half an hours drive away. Today was the day of the Crowthorne triathlon and I was marshalling part of the run route. It's an event I've been keeping an eye on for several years with the aim of marshalling then taking part in it. One down...! Next year happens to be their 10th anniversary so that'd be a great one to get involved in.

The route went through a lot of woodland, some of it quite overgrown and boggy with one nasty hill you practically had to scramble up! That put me off the idea of taking part a bit but I reckon I still will. I was sat on a junction with the main dog-walking path so although I was on my own and the runners came through in dribs and drabs, I still had quite a few people to chat to. As it was I really should have brought some music or a book. I checked off all the runners against a list as they came through and cheered them on by name when I could. One guy went round FOUR times!

I was there until 1pm, wearing four layers but still very cold, and got a goody bag and a t-shirt for my trouble.

Exercise-wise today I walked a mile and a half to my Marshal Point, then half a mile back. I followed this up with an hour's digging on the allotment and had intended to go for a run but really felt too achey by the time I got home so I did a "fat burner" class from my work out dvd instead which left me pretty knackered. I may not be jogging every day but I'm definitely going to be exercising everyday.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Juneathon Day 9

Today was parkrun day which made things nice and easy. There was a fundraising event going on which meant far more children than normal and far more congestion on the tow path than normal. I didn't get to run as fast as I wanted to at the start but I was pleased with my pace otherwise and ran in 30:30.

Would write a longer post but doing it on the phone and overdue for an early night. Will explain what that's in aid of tomorrow.

Night all!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Juneathon Day 8

I thought I'd get my exercise out of the way early today... HA! I don't think I've been sleeping very well lately. On at least one occasion I know I've dreamed about running, which wasn't exactly restful. Anyway, lacked any energy this morning so as I was working from home I used my lunch break to do another round of the fitness DVD I did yesterday. Same routine although this time I was using much heavier weights; 2.5 kilos each side. As a result I struggled with that section but it's something to build on next time. I did seriously consider going out for a run but even though it was dry it's so windy I feared I'd not make it round. I'll save myself for parkrun tomorrow.

in other news I got my race pack for the Bracknell Forest Five in the post this morning. Looking forward to that whatever the weather.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Juneathon Day 7

Wow, where's that week gone? Well done to everyone for muddling through the bank holiday weekend. I'm enjoying all the blogs I'm reading.

A friend of mine found a groupon today for entry to the UK Warrior Dash in a fortnight's time. I'm hoping it's all legit because it UK one isn't listed on their site. Anyway three of us girlies have entered so far and we're trying to rope in a couple of lads too. It's a little more manageable than Tough Guy which I almost did once and I'm looking forward to donning some sort of silly outfit.

As for today, well given I need to train a bit for this new race in terms of strength more than running and it's not stopped raining all day, I did some fitness DVD at home, namely Davina - warm up, summer shoulders (twice because the first time my weights were too light so 2x1.25 & 2x2.5), bikini bum, abs. This month is full of races now. No excuse not to improve my times!

Juenathon Day 6

I'm pretty glad I didn't go to speed training on Tuesday. I spent most of the day feeling as though I had a head full of cotton wool and pretty low on energy levels. Not good when you know you've got a 6 mile run later in the day that you're not sure you're prepared enough for. I found myself eating liquorice at 9:30 in the morning in an attempt to perk my self up.
I was meant to be running with a friend from work, Anita. We ran together at the Frimley 10k back in May and ever since she's been suffering from shin pain. She reckons it's shin splints but given she stopped running and it seems to be most of the time I reckon she should get scanned for stress fractures. She went from not running to doing 4/4.5 miles four or five times a week at least in preparation for her wedding. I had shin splints once and they were nowhere near as bad as she is describing. So unfortunately she didn't run with me tonight.
This is the first of 3 runs at Yateley, held every summer on the first Wednesday of June, July and August. I did the August one two years ago and won a spot prize (probably for looking so knackered) and I'm really looking forward to doing all three this year. Anita signed up for runs 1 and 3 so I really hope she's better for the third one. I'm starting to really enjoy running with other people.
There were big black clouds in the sky all day but the weather held and we even got some sun in the evening. I met up with some of the Farnham Runners and decided I'd try and pace one of them who was aiming for a sub hour which would have been brilliant for me but I lost her around 3k when I started to feel really sick and had to stop for a moment. The rest of the course consisted of running to a km marker, having a short walk break then running to the next one. As I rounded the corner back into the school I heard someone yell out "Go on Vikki, you can do it!" and Ian, the FR who has been coaching the beginners and always shouts encouragement at parkrun, was there. Bless him, that moment meant so much to me. I knew I was the last FR to cross the line and I feel pretty bad about that, I know I can do so much better. I've got times to beat and the opportunity to train better.
I finished in 1:06:43, got my medal and a mini milkyway and popped over to Anita's for a cuppa.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Juneathon Day 5

Made it to parkrun this morning to a super big turn out and with the OH and his mate in tow. There were plenty of Farnham Runners there which I always love because I get cheered on from the sidelines and push for a sprint finish. There was a lovely jubilee atmosphere and tea and cake afterwards which we stuck around a bit for.

The course was dry and although I felt a bit tired I somehow got a PB for the year with 29:47. I'm very pleased with that. The OH ran in something like 23:40 and his mate was a little way behind.

I don't think I'll be doing speed work tonight, not least because it is raining and actually it's probably not wise given I'm running the Yateley 10k tomorrow. I had hoped I'd have felt a bit more springy but alas, not. Besides... OH's mate has brought Game Of Thrones over so it's another marathon session!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Juneathon Day 4

Today I did another abs session. I actually get pretty warm doing these. If I feel up to it later, or if OH's friend doesn't come over with Game Of Thrones episodes then I *may* do a run as well but frankly I think that's unlikely. I'm feeling sluggish after too much party/BBQ food this weekend and my middle is a bit wobblier than usual so the abs exercises are definitely a good thing.

What is more likely is that tomorrow I will do a double whammy of running. Frimley parkrun has been moved to Tuesday which I'm going to do because I want to get to 40 of them before my birthday in August (I'm up to 32 I think and the summer is busy), and then in the evening it's speedwork with the running club. Double running probably isn't wise because I've got a race on Wednesday evening but it's Juneathon so these things have to be done.

Last time I did an "athon" I got all wound up because I knew I wasn't going to win any prizes but I'm just glad I have an excuse and another motivation to do something everyday, even if that is core work, fitness DVD or running. I get guilt and beat myself up if I don't meet the goals I set myself you see. I will get fitter this summer or suffer so much guilt I stop eating. Either or ;)

Found a Groupon today for wakeboarding... now THAT sounds fun and must surely count as exercise right?

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Juneathon Day 3

Recovering from last nights jubilee/birthday party has meant today was the day of 200 crunches 10 press ups and a glute bridge held for five minutes. It'll get logged tomorrow (within the 24hr window) and better exercise will happen from now on. Obviously I won't be getting anywhere near the chap who has already run 22 miles!

Juneathon Day 2

Ran the Egg and Spoon race and the Balloon-between-the-knees race at the Jubilee street patry in my road yesterday. I won the egg and spoon and got a curly-wurly :)


Friday, 1 June 2012

Juneathon Day 1

So here we go, Juneathon is here and I can see a dozen things this month that will keep me from completing it. Not least this weekend (I mean really, couldn't we have delayed it a few days?). Today is done and dusted already thank goodness. Oh how I loathe running before 9am. It was so HOT! I was slow. But I ran. My thighs are still achey from double speedwork with running club earlier in the week.

I did just under 2 miles in just under 20 minutes. I recorded it on RunKeeper and on RunningFree so you can check I'm not telling porkies.

Tomorrow I'm going orbing then we have two parties so I guess I'll have to slip out for a run at lunchtime or do some Davina DVD. What am I DOING?! Stupid Juneathon.