Sunday, 24 June 2012

Juneathon Day 24

Today I managed to get to Sweatshop in Woking with the intention of buying some new running socks. Approximately 40% of my sport socks are those cheap terry lined ones that have become stiff and thin over time (in fact I actually put a hole in a pair today) so I could do with a couple more pairs. I really like the Sweatshop own brand ones plus I had two £5 vouchers so they'd only have been £1 each! T'wasn't to be though, they were all out of my size in both colours so I forces OH to look at the men's gear as I'd given him £20 of vouchers for Christmas and he hadn't spent them yet while I rummaged in the women's section. I tried on a pair of moving comfort momentum shorts I'd been lusting after for months before remembering I already have a pair of shorts I don't wear very often so I tried on some vests instead.

I got a racer back, black and red top in the sale and then used the voucher I got at the Yateley 10k earlier in the month to make it even cheaper! The staff at the Woking branch are lovely; really friendly and knowledgable, unlike those in Bluewater, and they even asked how I'd enjoyed the 10k (there was a code that identified how I came by the voucher)! OH got a pair of shorts so he doesn't have to run in his swim shorts when his proper ones are in the wash and a white t-shirt so he doesn't bake in the sun.

Of course I had to test run my new top so I went out for a 4 miler which I really enjoyed. 10 minute miles :) I think that makes up somewhat for scoffing the last Easter egg in one go last night.

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