Thursday, 15 December 2016

Vik's Picks : December 2016

It's been a few months since I did a Vik's Picks post... partly because there haven't been enough stand out products in the autumn months. But, just in time for Christmas, here are the things that have been getting through December.
1. For years I've been meaning to get some warmer trousers to wear when I'm coaching outdoors in the cold months. I finally found these Adidas trousers in Decathlon for less than £20 that I can wear over my leggings to keep me extra cosy. They have a half zipped leg so I don't have to take my trainers off and pockets to keep extra bits and bobs in. They've already gotten a lot of use!

2. Another Decathlon bargain has been this down jacket. It cost £39.99 from Quecha and comes in two colours. It is light and fitted enough to allow me to move easily when coaching but warm enough to tackle the sub zero temperatures. It packs down into it's own pocket and look s smart enough to wear out and about. It's already done duty at the gym, during outdoor coaching sessions and National Trust visits.

3. I'm luck enough to be able to get out in daylight hours for some run still but some of the roads near me lack street lights and a recent over night event I did mandated the use of head torches. One of mine recently gave up so I treated myself to a new Viper 2 head torch from Alpkit. At 160 lumens it's the best and brightest head torch I own and it was a bargain to boot!

4. It wouldn't be December for me without a mint hot chocolate. I've been treating myself to one from Starbucks once a week, made with soy milk because I just like it that way.

5. Finally I've been treating my lips to Burt's Bees lip balm. There are many lip balms out there but this is my current fave. Ive got a mint one that makes my lips go tingly and a tinted one too. Worth the investment as it stays put and moisturises for a long time.

What have been your treats and must-haves this winter?