Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Next Challenge (don't panic, it's just a blog)

This week's been pretty good so far. Dominic still isn't back from holiday but we've had the lovely Mark instead holding the fort at the gym. I had my own personal Spin class on Tuesday as I was the only one with enough will power to get up at that time on the first morning after a Bank Holiday weekend. Wednesday I did Abs then ran the 3.15 miles to Jo's to collect my bike. I really enjoyed having a destination as opposed to going "round the block" and it was a gorgeous Autumnal afternoon. Somehow I managed to arrive in a non-hug repellant state. An hour of chit chat and a glass of elderflower coridal later and I rode home very happy.

Today I did LBT at lunch and then put a new AudioFuel interval track to the test. I've not smiled so much whilst out running in ages, felt really energised and have decided that I enjoy running in Autumn sunshine. Maybe I'll start cycling to work next week.

My internet find of the week is the inspiration for the title of the blog, namely The Next Challenge website. Tim Moss writes a superb motivating blog about adventures big and small. And it's not all mountains and extremes, there's a lot here that's very accessible and aimed at the everyman looking to break out of the routine every once in a while. It's well worth a look and I'm sure you'll find something there to appeal. He also provides advice and guides to helping you plan your own adventure (however great or however formed the idea is) but that's not part of the blog.

This week was also marked by the arrival of the Howies catalogue. I've mentally bought about half the catalogue already (the mens jackets and fleeces are sooooo nice). Where'd I put that lottery ticket?