Thursday, 7 June 2012

Juneathon Day 7

Wow, where's that week gone? Well done to everyone for muddling through the bank holiday weekend. I'm enjoying all the blogs I'm reading.

A friend of mine found a groupon today for entry to the UK Warrior Dash in a fortnight's time. I'm hoping it's all legit because it UK one isn't listed on their site. Anyway three of us girlies have entered so far and we're trying to rope in a couple of lads too. It's a little more manageable than Tough Guy which I almost did once and I'm looking forward to donning some sort of silly outfit.

As for today, well given I need to train a bit for this new race in terms of strength more than running and it's not stopped raining all day, I did some fitness DVD at home, namely Davina - warm up, summer shoulders (twice because the first time my weights were too light so 2x1.25 & 2x2.5), bikini bum, abs. This month is full of races now. No excuse not to improve my times!

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