Thursday, 21 June 2012

Forest Five

Last night I ran the Forest Five miler in Swinley Forest. It was the perfect evening for it and I am a fan of the course. The start and finish were a little chaotic. I think there was a briefing but no one could hear it. There are no timing chips for this race so it relies on people writing down your number. I don't think it works too well as the results aren't out yet and I got shouted at for walking through the finish area too quickly. I walked all the hills so I probably didn't get a very good time. I spent some time thinking "why am I doing this?" and some more time thinking that I really need to run further if these distances are ever going to feel comfortable. I'm intimidated by people talking about their 8 milers and up even though I've done it in the past.

Buck up Roberts!

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