Monday, 4 June 2012

Juneathon Day 4

Today I did another abs session. I actually get pretty warm doing these. If I feel up to it later, or if OH's friend doesn't come over with Game Of Thrones episodes then I *may* do a run as well but frankly I think that's unlikely. I'm feeling sluggish after too much party/BBQ food this weekend and my middle is a bit wobblier than usual so the abs exercises are definitely a good thing.

What is more likely is that tomorrow I will do a double whammy of running. Frimley parkrun has been moved to Tuesday which I'm going to do because I want to get to 40 of them before my birthday in August (I'm up to 32 I think and the summer is busy), and then in the evening it's speedwork with the running club. Double running probably isn't wise because I've got a race on Wednesday evening but it's Juneathon so these things have to be done.

Last time I did an "athon" I got all wound up because I knew I wasn't going to win any prizes but I'm just glad I have an excuse and another motivation to do something everyday, even if that is core work, fitness DVD or running. I get guilt and beat myself up if I don't meet the goals I set myself you see. I will get fitter this summer or suffer so much guilt I stop eating. Either or ;)

Found a Groupon today for wakeboarding... now THAT sounds fun and must surely count as exercise right?


  1. What are you racing on Wed?

  2. Yateley 10k, the first of a series of three they run in the summer on the first Wednesday of June, July and August.

  3. The thing to remember about athons is that it is about exercise and excuses. We should not forget the fun of finding inventive ways of reclassifying certain activities as exercise. There should certainly be no guilt

    1. Thanks for the reminder :) It's so easy to be sedentary these days.