Friday, 8 June 2012

Juneathon Day 8

I thought I'd get my exercise out of the way early today... HA! I don't think I've been sleeping very well lately. On at least one occasion I know I've dreamed about running, which wasn't exactly restful. Anyway, lacked any energy this morning so as I was working from home I used my lunch break to do another round of the fitness DVD I did yesterday. Same routine although this time I was using much heavier weights; 2.5 kilos each side. As a result I struggled with that section but it's something to build on next time. I did seriously consider going out for a run but even though it was dry it's so windy I feared I'd not make it round. I'll save myself for parkrun tomorrow.

in other news I got my race pack for the Bracknell Forest Five in the post this morning. Looking forward to that whatever the weather.

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