Sunday, 10 June 2012

Juenaton Day 10

... where I attend but do not take part in a triathlon.

Yesterday I blogged on the hop about being in need of an early night. You see although I'm a morning person in the sense that I'm quite productive in the morning and can't seem to sleep or lie in for very long, I do struggle with being awake much before 7 and today I had to be at a triathlon at 6:50am that was half an hours drive away. Today was the day of the Crowthorne triathlon and I was marshalling part of the run route. It's an event I've been keeping an eye on for several years with the aim of marshalling then taking part in it. One down...! Next year happens to be their 10th anniversary so that'd be a great one to get involved in.

The route went through a lot of woodland, some of it quite overgrown and boggy with one nasty hill you practically had to scramble up! That put me off the idea of taking part a bit but I reckon I still will. I was sat on a junction with the main dog-walking path so although I was on my own and the runners came through in dribs and drabs, I still had quite a few people to chat to. As it was I really should have brought some music or a book. I checked off all the runners against a list as they came through and cheered them on by name when I could. One guy went round FOUR times!

I was there until 1pm, wearing four layers but still very cold, and got a goody bag and a t-shirt for my trouble.

Exercise-wise today I walked a mile and a half to my Marshal Point, then half a mile back. I followed this up with an hour's digging on the allotment and had intended to go for a run but really felt too achey by the time I got home so I did a "fat burner" class from my work out dvd instead which left me pretty knackered. I may not be jogging every day but I'm definitely going to be exercising everyday.

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