Saturday, 16 June 2012

Juneathon Days 15 & 16

Just a short post today as I'm at my parent's and shouldn't be unsociable for too long. Yesterday I didn't manage to get out for a run as I was catering for the men folk watching football and was too much of a wuss to run in the rain so I did an abs set of 40 reverse curls, 40 bicycles, 40 crunches, 40 russian twists and 40 side crunches followed by a minute plank.

I was also saving my legs for parkrun today where the Farnham Runners beginners group were running to celebrate the end of their course and becomming fully fledged members of the club. I got a PB for the year so far of 29:27 despite a 10 year old boy sticking to me like glue for the second lap so much so that I almost tripped over him several times. It was great to see so many people from the club there and I was just sorry I didn't get to hang around and chat afterwards.

Hope everyone's doing ok still with this Juneathon lark!

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