Sunday, 18 April 2010

Last week I have been mostly eating...

...porridge with maple syrup and sultanas. It's a really good breakfast to start the day off and one of the few that keeps me going until just about lunchtime. This week I have also been working out. My diary looked a bit like this:

Monday: Swissball and Awesome Abs classes - I know it worked because it hurt when I coughed the next day.
Tuesday: Skip & Tone - skipping really shouldn't be that difficult. I mean I'm sure I manged fine when I was at school. Definitely a good work out with room for improvement.
Thursday: Physio - sworn off running and long walks for at least a week. Scuppers weekend plans a bit.
Friday: Core Stability class - much like "Awesome Abs" but not as much fun.
Sunday: Mountain biking in Swinley Forest.

I've signed on for the Monday and Tuesday classes next week and hope to get into the gym before or after work one day too.

I've really enjoyed the classes but really wish I could run. I don't even mean "go for a run", just run in general. I need to keep my CV levels up in other ways and cycling seems the best bet. I've toyed with the idea of cycling to work on occasion but at 11 miles each way, felt it was a bit out of my reach as a novice. If I could fit my bike into my car I could do what this girl's doing and drive part of the way and cycle the rest, maybe once a week. That would be really cool but I doubt it's going to happen. I'll have to settle for gym work and cycling aimlessly around my village.

Cycling in the forest was really great fun. My ability to cycle up hills leaves much to be desired but I had a go at the "cutting" where all the cool kids go to do their jumps. I did it at a normal pace and didn't fall off so I might have the confidence to try that again sometime. We almost got caught up in some races that were going on. We stumbled across the track and later found the start point. It was fun to watch the starts of some races and marvel at the fitness of people. We whiled away a happy half hour chatting to the people at the Torq tent, trying samples and comparing brands.

My 100 press ups plan isn't going so well. I struggled a lot with week 4, so while technically I should be on week 5, I have re-done the progress test and am picking up week four again on a slightly easier level. Hopefully I won't have to re-do it again and will be on target for 100 pressups in 2 and a half weeks time.

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