Thursday, 8 April 2010

Marmalade Granola + Chocolate Chips = Win!

It's a beautiful day today. I was on site at work early to go through a gym plan review with the instructor who's far too attractive for his own good. After having booked this rather spur-of-the-moment I had to have a bit of a think about what I wanted to achieve with gym work. Now the weather's nicer I'll want to be outdoors running or cycling or whatever, rather than spending vast amounts of time in the gym so I decided that I'll use the gym mostly to work on my core in terms of strength, stability and aesthetics. Alongside that I'll do some CV work like bike intervals and more measured running or cross training, probably amounting to no more than 2 one hour sessions a week plus the odd lunch time class.

Even in the 45 minutes we spent going through various exercises I managed to feel as though I'd worked a few dormant muscles. Getting onsite early was rather pleasant. I felt quite revived and was organised enough to bring in a tupperware container of cereal to eat at my desk afterwards. A little forethought goes a long way.

Shruti came over last night for tea and talk. I think she's still on track to attempt Kili in the summer months and a trip to Snowdon on May bank holiday is now on the cards. We'll do a different route to that which I did before and it'll give me a chance to start breaking in the new boots. It was really great to catch up with my partner-in-crazy-crime. She makes me feel sane! We had the usual conversation about what we'd love to be doing instead of sitting in our respective offices. Amongst talk of starting up airlines, tennis acadamies and travel agencies and ponderings about money and time she suggested that I might consider writing for (sport) magazines. I've done all sorts of writing in the past, some of which has made its way into print. It is something I enjoy and I'm led to believe that I'm not bad at it. So perhaps you would care to offer your opinion?

I'll probably draft a few speculative letters.

On a related note, I'm always interested in articles relating to finding what you love to do; Howies, Do Lectures, Alastair Humphreys, Zen Habits, are all websites I enjoy reading because they often touch on this. Today I found this article which is one of the more sensible and comprehensive takes on this that I've read. It's quite lengthy but is worth the read if you're interested in this sort of thing as well.

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