Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Let Me Ride Through The Wild Open Country That I Love

It's beautiful weather! It's driving me nuts because I have to sit in an office all day, wishing I was outside. Not only that but the blinds are automated so they close in the morning and sometimes don't open again until it's hometime. I seem to have recovered from cycling on Sunday. I don't think I cycled a great distance but I'm out of condition so felt a bit sore anyway. Monday's Swissball and Abs classes didn't seem to work as well as last weeks but the Skip and Tone class definitely wore me out. I'm trying to decide what exercise to do today, I feel quite energised although that may just be a result of the large mug of coffee and home-made rhubarb muffin I've just consumed. It's been tough trying to fit in 10 lots of five minutes into my day to do my physio-prescribed stretches but I'm just about managing. We'll see what the verdict is on Thursday!

This week I am continuing to follow the exploits of Sticky, the guy who's doing Parkour over 1000 miles. He started out on Sunday with a 100 mile ultramarathon. Rather him than me at the moment! There was some fun coverage of The Tweed Run. It's something that started last year as a charity event where people get dressed up in retro clothes, hop on to some retro bicycles and ride around the capital. How jolly super!

One final article I'd like to mention this week is this one from The Guardian about the growing popularity of city marathons. I've perceived running as becomming more popular but put that down to the fact that you notice things more once you get involved with them. Certainly the 5km and half marathon scenes seem to have boomed in the past couple of years. And I think there's a lot of truth in the statement that increased popularity of running and a decline in gym memberships are linked. I resent paying for a gym in the summer months when I'd much rather pound the pavements than stare out of a window (if you're lucky) in a gym. With so many online training resources and advice forums it's not essential to get advice from an instructor in the gym. Even if you factor in a new pair of shoes, membership to a running club and entrance fee for two races a year I reckon that's cheaper and more exciting than the gym. You would have the social aspect, advice and support from the club and the goals of races to train for. Makes sense to me. In a lot of cases paying as you go for classes like yoga or aerobics is cheaper too.

This week I am mostly eating yogurt with damson puree, beetroot in risotto and salads and copious amounts of marmite on toast. I don't pretend that this fulfills a nutritionally balanced diet.

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