Monday, 4 November 2013

School Report

Happy Monday everyone! I'm in a frightfully good mood today and I make no apology for it whatsoever. Deal with it or get involved. In fact, I challenge you to think of 3 things that are good about today, either things that have already happened or things you're looking forward to... there, it's not so bad is it?

Apart from the fact it's a glorious day outside I owe my good mood to an extremely good weekend. Not all of it went to plan, admittedly, but where would the fun have been in that? In between dinners out, seeing Thor 2, having a good old boogie and sing-a-long to The Bohemians at the Half Moon in Putney and indulging in an unashamedly square Sunday evening of listening to big band music on the radio and reading I took two more courses towards my PT diploma.

This time I had to head into London (to the delightfully named Slim Jims)which always feels like a mini adventure. I actually quite enjoy taking the train as to me it's just enforced reading time, even better when I have a flask of coffee and a snack. Although the courses were two distinct modules, both were held in the same location and taught by the same instructor. 13 of us took the Circuit Training course on Saturday and about 8 of us took Core Training on the Sunday. We were probably split 50/50 into "hobbyists" and those already in the industry so I was able to get a few insights from those already in the know and also compare notes and experiences with people still in the early days of studying like myself. Both days were excellent fun thanks to the group being really friendly and funny and our tutor, Sam, being one of the most positive, enthusiastic and approachable people I've met. It seems Future Fit have a superb team of tutors.

The Circuit course was pretty physical. Sam put us through a mini circuit to set the scene then after some theory work we were split into two groups to design and delivery an hours class. We did not go easy on each other! There was a lot of giggling and grimacing and somehow our efforts were good enough to warrant passes all round. Sam gave some constructive feedback for us to take away and build on and I definitely want to spend a bit of time reading through my manual more and brainstorming ideas. I might even stretch to trialing a mini class for some friends.

Thankfully Core Training on Sunday was less energetic. There was a lot more theory work but most of the afternoon was spent trying out different exercises and adaptations, rounded off with a half hour multiple choice exam. I have to wait to get my result but I'm quietly confident I'll have passed.

So I started today with some good aches, having ticked another couple of boxes towards my diploma and having made a new contact/friend in the process. Add to that a gym session before work and the fact I can start the first of my nutrition modules today and I'm feeling pretty happy with my lot.

Here's a to a good week!

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