Friday, 15 November 2013

Segway, Sweat and Socialising

What adventures have been had in the last seven days? Well last Saturday morning I took my friends 13 year old son  to Dinton Pastures for an off road segway experience as a belated birthday present. The weather forecast had not been favourable and no sooner did we step onto the segways than the rain started and just got heavier over the course of the hour. There were just six of us in the group so we got plenty of help if we needed it. Kiddo took to it like a duck to water (though thankfully didn't drive the thing INTO the water... there path was largely on the banks of the lake) and despite the cold and the rain he had a whale of a time so it was all worthwhile. He ended up at the front of the group right behind the instructor who seemed to take a shine to him and answer all his questions. We may go back in the summer and try it again.
Sunday was ice hockey night again! I could see myself becoming a bit of a regular at the Bracknell Bees games. This time I went with my fella and sat upstairs which meant we could hear the commentator more clearly but I didn't feel quite so close to the action. Although we didn't win the shirt-off-their-back raffle nor the duck/puck game the Bees did win so that's what matters.
My certificates came through for my Gym Instructor qualification and I've and booked my PT module up. It's a long module and by starting in March I'm looking at a June 2014 finish. At that point I'll still have a few modules to complete for the diploma but I will be REPs level 3 PT qualified so I could start taking clients, which is really exciting.

I managed to force myself through a gym session on Monday, doing my intervals and strength routine and seeing small steps towards improvements there, and I've got my PT session tonight for more of the same... My PT runs a circuits class twice a week so I tried it out on Tuesday and followed it up with Body Balance. The circuit was ok, the squat thrusts followed by burpees were killer, but I did pretty well. I'm not sure if I'll make it a regular thing. Staying to do Body Balance afterwards was well worth doing though. I've not been out for a run for ages and I'm missing it a bit so maybe I'll make the effort to get out on Sunday (giving myself a day to recover from PT).

I'm missing parkrun tomorrow as I'm heading up to London for the very first Run Mummy Run social. I know I'm not a mum but they're very inclusive. There'll be speakers and lunch and a chance to just have a natter to other like-minded women. Can't go wrong with that now can you? Continuing with the social theme I met up with Anita for dinner at her gym last night. It's pretty swanky and I got momentary envy but honestly couldn't justify spending that sort of money on a membership. The food was great though and I even had a glass of wine. At the gym!

What have you been up to this week? Lamenting not having achieved something you intended to or celebrating having done something new and exciting?

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