Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hungry? Or Bored?

I reckon would eat a lot less if I had a different job. It’s true, and I'm not the only one. There are a number of underlying issues here which it’s not advisable to explore in this forum but let’s just say I get bored when I'm not challenged.

When boredom sets in my first course of action is to do some e-learning or to write something but there’s only so much e-learning a person can take before their brain starts to seep out of their ears. Just before this happens I try and find something else to occupy me. There are two main categories; planning and eating.

Planning quite often involves researching races, events or holidays. This can get expensive so I can’t do that for too long (I end up entering most of my madder events during bouts of severe boredom). This brings us to eating.

Weekdays are punctuated by frequent thoughts of food, trips to the kitchen to make a drink to stave of faux hunger pangs, elevenses at 10am (often despite a good breakfast), mid-afternoon snacks and rummaging through the desk drawer to weigh up the various merits of the snacks therein. Knowing my habits is the first step towards being able to change them or make better choices. Because I know I’m prone to snacking at work I try to stock the drawer with exclusively healthy foods. God bless Graze and Saviour Snacks. I’d love to eat cake and biscuits more often but I just bookmark all the delicious recipes I find on blogs in anticipation instead. When I’m at home or busy I lose track of time, I don’t have elevenses or afternoon snacks. I daydream ever so slightly less about my next meal.

Do you suffer from boredom hunger too? How do you deal with it?

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