Monday, 7 April 2014

There’s Nothing Like Running

As I’ve been exploring other types of workouts I’ve come to a realisation. Nothing makes me feel like I’ve worked harder than running does. No other type of exercise makes my heart pound, my muscles ache or my skin sweat in quite the same way. Sure, I work up a sweat when I do Urban Rebound or dance classes. The DOMS I get after a heavy weights session kill, my heart rate gets pretty high after a swim (or is that just because my breathing’s rubbish) and I get rather boisterous after Body Combat but running is something else to me. I can’t find the words for it.
When we were told to put every last bit of our energy into the end of a dance class the other week I puzzled… I had masses of energy left; I couldn’t possibly use it all. Sure I was sweating and I hadn’t been taking it easy but it wasn’t hard.

I love the feeling of DOMS after doing weights, and I don’t get that to the same degree after running but if running doesn’t feature in a work out I somehow feel like I’ve cheated or not worked out hard enough.

This has been further compounded by having started to appreciate the freedom of running without a Garmin on my wrist, with a friend by my side and appreciating being ABLE to run after having struggled for a while.

Running is my meditation. It is in my soul.

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