Friday, 4 April 2014

Proud to be an Ambassador for the Natural Whey Company

Today I want to introduce to you relative newcomers to the protein scene, the Natural Whey Company. The thing that makes them different, and the reason I like them, is that they only use natural ingredients in their products which contain no artificial flavours or colours with fructose being the only sugar. The philosophy is that people who care about getting great results from your workouts will care about what they're putting into their bodies too. They stock a small range of products (by comparison to some of the other big players out there) to target fitness and recovery or weight loss and wellbeing as well as just straight up protein. They have a lovely range of flavours that fall into two camps - fruity (mixed berries, banana split, blueberry muffin) or chocolaty (choc orange, choconut, mint chocolate).

I ordered myself a sample to try and got a sachet of Strawberry and Bramley Apple smoothie to try. I made it up with skimmed milk and found it to be delicious; a fruity and fresh tasting smoothie with a medium consistency i.e. not too thin and not as thick as the Pro-10 I wrote about not so long ago. A 30g serving made up with water is just 123kcals and provides 21.7g of protein. Their Natural Whey comes in at 134kcals and 24.5g protein per 35g when made with water.
I enjoyed it so much I applied to be an ambassador and I'm delighted to say I was accepted! This means I'll be enjoying and promoting their products from now on and can also offer you, my lovely readers, a 5% discount on anything you order from the shop by using the code VRNWC.
If you'd like to try before you buy you can order a free sample here.

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