Monday, 23 March 2015

A Week in the Life

I did a day in the life post a few months ago but life's changed so much since then and although I put a lot into my Friday Round Up posts there's so much that doesn't make it in there too. So I thought I'd give you a sense of what my weeks look like at the moment. Get a cuppa and a biscuit.

Monday : I'm up and out around 8am for the day job. I usually have some interval or hill work to do as my training and if I can be faffed with showering at lunchtime I'll try and do it then. After work I PT a friend, stay for some food and then head home to chill or do my own work out.

Tuesday : I'm often sent to Newbury for the day job on a Tuesday. This makes my commute significantly longer so dinner time ends up being traffic-dependent. I lead my RunFitUK group at 7:30 and often follow this up with my own training session in the gym. Then it's home to shower, eat and write next week's session whilst listening to my dad's radio show on
Wednesday : I start the day job early on Wednesdays so that I can leave early and head over to BoxBellFit to teach metafit, HIIT and Kettlebells. This is one of my favourite parts of the week. I'll do some strength training after classes then head home for a late dinner and an early night.
Thursday : Up at 5:35am to teach Kettlebells at BBF at 6:30am then at my desk just after 8am. Despite the early start I love it. We're getting some gorgeous sunrises at the moment. Coffee is a big feature of the day.  I PT straight after work, then train and use any time left between then and my swimming lesson at 9:30pm to study/session plan and just catch up on stuff. I'll try and cook a batch of something so I don't have to worry too much about lunches. Home. Shower. Sleep.
Friday : WFH! Lie in day! I'll sneak my training in before work or at lunchtime so I have a clear evening for fun things. If I'm in I'll do some "proper" cooking and might be sociable by having a friend over to chat and watch a film but sometimes Friday night is gig night which is also fun.

Saturday : parkrun day! After parkrun I PT and then tackle a bike session if it's been scheduled. I try and get all the activity out of the way early on so I have the afternoon to myself. I don't get many big chunks of time in my week any more so allotmenting, sewing, cooking, all my other occasional hobbies, happen here. General rule of thumb seems to be that if I've not been out on Friday I'll have something going on on Saturday.
Sunday : Long Slow Run day with occasional dog walking unless I'm marshaling for Barnes Fitness, in which case I'll do my LSR on Saturday and skip parkrun. Sunday evenings are for chilling out. Always.
I'm just about keeping things balanced but it'll probably all change again in a few weeks. Until then I'm just keeping on keeping on.