Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Should You Exercise When Sick?

I have followed the Precision Nutrition blog for some time. They're a good resource for anyone with an interest in health and fitness with a fine line in infographics. I wanted to share this one in particular because I know I often struggle to decide whether I should work out when I'm feeling under the weather and there really are times when it pays not to try and be superhuman.

When you're training for something it's easy to convince yourself that working out and pushing through is better for you than resting up. Every missed session can feel like a disaster but you need to recover. Maybe you switch the session for something lighter to help the immune system but don't go out and do a hill set. That ain't gonna do you any favours.

There's a full article on working out when sick, as well as the info graphic below and another accompanying infographic on what to eat when sick.
Source: Precision Nutrition
Stay healthy!

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