Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What I Have Learnt From My Swimming Lessons

I've been taking swimming lessons for a few weeks now and I thought it about time I reflected on how I have progressed and what I have learnt so far.

Over the course of six weeks I have built my confidence in the pool, made some small improvements to my stroke, learnt to tumble turn and have started to learn different starts. There's lots and lots I still want to work on but these are things I would never have learnt on my own or just with a written training plan. At just £3 for a half hour lesson, which I share with up to 5 other people (in reality we're rarely all there at once) it's been money well spent. I could spend more, and maybe I will further down the line, but it's been a great start.
As well as these skills I've learnt many other things. I'd like to share some of these with you now.
  • It doesn't take many lessons to start to feel more confident
  • It's well worth the effort of taking off make up before you swim
  • It is nigh on impossible to practice tumble turns during a public session
  • I should practice in between lessons. I will when I find that 25th hour in the day
  • My nose streams for about 3 hours post swim
  • From observation, men seem to equate splashing with skill
  • Your instructor may be more than 10 years your junior, but lose the ego for he does actually know more than you.
  • And be flattered when he suggests you're actually 5 or more years younger than you are, even if it's blatantly obvious that he's joking.
  • It's pretty essential to remember your swimsuit. With the best will in the world a sports bra, cotton undies, 3 pairs of goggles and 2 caps will not equip you for a lesson
  • Swimming pools often sell swimsuits. You will not want to buy any of them.
  • Dolphin is hard. I can undulate on a dance floor but not in a pool
  • A two hour treadmill session prior to your lesson is not a good "warm up". 
  • Floating for half an hour is not a good use of your lesson (see above)
What "extra" things have you learnt from lessons, swimming or otherwise?

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