Friday, 27 March 2015

I Went To Iceland

As my twitter feed will confirm, I have spent most of this week in Iceland on a bit of a holiday with my mum. It was equal parts tiring and relaxing. Tiring because in order to see the Northern Lights you have to stay up quite late and relaxing because we spent a whole afternoon at The Blue Lagoon and really did very little else apart from meandering around Reykjavik, eating and drinking. I didn't have a hundred things competing for brain space. I didn't need to be anywhere at a particular time. I nice change of pace for me.
At the Blue Lagoon
My training was naturally much lighter in the past seven days but I'm in taper for Brighton anyway so I'm cool with that. I landed very late last night so missed my swimming lesson and the session that my coach had scheduled, but I'm going out to do that later and switch out Sunday's rest day for a catch up day. It's nothing too arduous so I figure I can cope. The weekend before I left was great in terms of running though. I ran a total of 17.5 miles, broken down into a half hour recovery run and a long run in 4 parts... Woodley parkrun (where I PB'd), running to the test Bracknell parkrun, running said test parkrun and running home again the long way round.
Getting ready for the Norther Lights trip.
It was really fun to be part of the test team and to check out the course before the inaugural event on April 4th. It reminded me of Basingstoke a little, a twisty 3 laps with a long incline through the woods and some sharper climbs over grassy banks that will test the legs a bit.
The mountain we could see from our hotel
On the Sunday, the day before I flew out I had my assessment for my Exercise Referral module. It was a long old day, as not only did I have to teach my circuit and defend my portfolio but I also had to take part in all the other candidates' circuits which amounted to around 4 hours activity. It was a long day but ultimately a good one as I passed and have now completely finished my diploma. The sense of relief was huge!
The other view from the hotel: Concert Hall and Harbour.
So that's what I've been up to over the last week. It's full steam ahead again now though as I'm straight back into training, PT-ing and event work. So for now I'll leave you with wishes for a lovely and relaxing weekend. Have fun!

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