Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Last of the Summer Sun?

Time seems to be flying past at an astounding rate and the rain, cold and darkness are also creeping in apace. Last week was almost certainly the last of the good weather and so I'm really glad that I managed to make the most of it.

Work-wise I've been keeping fairly busy with my regular classes as well as meeting most of the finalists in the This Girl Can... Run a Marathon campaign. It's been a real joy to get to know them a bit and work with them to come up with a training plan for the next 8 weeks. Although they're all of different backgrounds and abilities what is common to all is the level of excitement and enthusiasm. I can't wait to see how they all get on!

Friday was spent on a course, learning about how to put together a circuit for the older population. While it wasn't a qualification, it certainly gave me some ideas and I'm tempted to look into getting the qualification that would allow me to teach these sorts of classes, as I think there could be a demand in my area. It was a really fun day, not least because I got to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds including a chap who'd completed the Majorca Ironman the previous weekend.

It's been a week of wandering outdoors. I think I managed to find the last of the blackberries in the fields across from the training centre whilst out for a meander between sessions. Always carry a ziplock bag, people! These are now residing in my freezer ready to be added to smoothies, porridge or pies as the mood dictates. 
I've been trying to add hill and speed work into my training schedule as a regular feature and it was made more enjoyable this week as I met my friend Anita in Swinley Forest for a jog with added hills. She's much more powerful than I am so she left me for dust but I still loved it. We rewarded ourselves with a steam, sauna and coffee at her gym across the road afterwards - a rare treat for me.
As seen in Richmond Park, not Swinley Forest.
You'll already know that I took part in Run or Dye rather than my usual parkrun on Saturday morning, but didn't do a great deal else that could count towards my training. I tried to make up for the lack of running over the rest of the weekend with long walks. I stayed with a friend in Richmond and we made the most of the sunny weather, Richmond Park and Kew Gardens. Brunch and a farmers market may also have featured.

My diet has still not been brilliant and so this week I'm trying a new tactic of eating my main meal at lunchtime and having something lighter in the evening. This way I should be able to get to sleep more easily, not need to snack so much during the afternoon and eat better as I'll have more time to cook. I'll report back next week.

Not my best effort with training last week but a couple of quality sessions in there:
Monday: Strength training
Tuesday: 6.25 mile run
Wednesday: Strength training
Thursday: Hill reps & metafit
Friday: Rest day / training course
Saturday: Run & Dye
Sunday: Rest day

Did you take advantage of the last of the warm weather? Where's your favourite outdoor space?

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