Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Realising How Much I Enjoy Moving

Being on a small cruise ship for a week plays havoc with a training plan. I pretty much had to write off my entire week and even the plans I had to do some metafit on deck was canned because there was lack of space. Plus I think I'd have scared everyone else on board with it, it certainly would have been antisocial.

The cruise was lovely though, and I did move a bit. We were able to set foot on dry land to explore every day which we took advantage of. Hiking was limited due to time constraints but we did take a few walks up to the castles, and down to a waterfall, a couple of miles a day perhaps. On the coach home I greedily read a Men's Fitness Supplement that a fellow passenger and Boxercise instructor had lent me.
On my return home I realised just how little I'd really moved and how sluggish it had made me feel. That and all the food. So I'm on a mission this week to get my diet back under control and to move a lot more. You'll find out how I get on with that next week. It was an absolutely joy to get to parkrun on Saturday morning and to head out for some "no pressure" miles on Sunday. The plan said 9 miles. Given I struggled to get out the door with that number looming over me I was very pleased with the 6 miles I clocked up. I tagged a meta fit on the end to finish me off. Well the new one came out while I was away and I wanted to teach it this week so it made sense.
I can't bring myself to call this a training update... it's pathetic... but for completeness' sake, here's what I did last week.
Monday: Town exploration and castle walk
Tuesday: Town exploration, castle walk and waterfall stroll
Wednesday: Town exploration
Thursday: Town exploration
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: parkrun
Sunday: 6 mile run & metafit
Do you get sluggish or twitchy with a week off of training?

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