Friday, 30 October 2015

Vik's Picks October 2015

The blackberry season is over but now we have crisp mornings, bright leaves to kick, chestnuts to forage and lots of warming drinks to consume. The base layers are out but I'm staying in capris for as long as I can! Here's a round up of the things I wouldn't have been without this month.

  1. Like art, snacks, tea and music? Then like me you'll probably enjoy Early Bird subscription boxes. I wrote about them before but what's telling is that unlike many subscription boxes I'm still getting them; once a fortnight admittedly but I love that I get a new mix track to listen to each time while I plan my sessions over a cup of tea and elevenses. A little comfort for the chilly days.
  2. My cookbook of the moment is Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi. The paella was a hit, caramelised endive took me into new territory (cooking lettuce!) and an adapted version of the saffron tagliatelle with spiced butter was super easy comfort food that felt a bit posh. 
  3. I can't quite believe that I've not written about this item before but this Rucksack from Howies is by far the most used thing I own. I got it as a birthday present and two months later I reckon it's price per use is down to pennies already. It's been my luggage for long weekend breaks, is my day bag unless I'm going out somewhere special, and has proven well made. There's a padded section for my laptop, I can keep used gym kit separate from clean clothes, there are oodles of pockets, it's comfy to wear and has a waterproof cover that packs away neatly. Winner!
  4. Monday night Circuits classes are either al fresco or in a hired hall without a sound system so I've been using this Sony Bluetooth Speaker to provide tunes. The battery life has been great and it packs a punch when it comes to the volume it can produce. It's only on loan but I'm so impressed I'm investing in a similar version for myself.
  5. I'm never without a lip balm. There's one in just about every bag I own, several scattered throughout the house and a couple in the car. But the one I always use when I'm spending any significant time outside is the Molton Brown Vitamin Lipsaver. It used to have an SPF in it but I'm not sure if it does any more. In any case a little goes a long way, it's super moisturising, long lasting and helps prevent against chapped lips now the weather's turned. 
Any cook book recommendations for me for next month? What makes it into your active skin care regime in winter?

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