Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Fog on the Rhine

I'm on holiday this week! I'm currently on a boat on the Rhine enjoying some quality time with my mum and also panicking slightly about how much work I have to come back to. Not a lot of wi-fi out here!
In contrast to Tuesday and Wednesday the weather was glorious on Thursday and so I took advantage of it and went out for my longest run since Medoc... right after I'd feasted on banana and nutella porridge and watched the GBBO final. I finally got the chance to try out a pair of Skins shorts that I'd won from Running Heroes. I'm not sure if it was the positive mental boost from the weather, the super-fuel of porridge or the shorts but it was the best run I'd had in ages, comfortable, enjoyable, not ridiculously slow.

Not my best effort with training last week but a couple of quality sessions in there:
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Speedwork
Wednesday: Strength training
Thursday: 7 mile run & metafit
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Rest day

I'd had good intentions of doing some metafit on board the cruise ship but alas there's not really a suitable space. Not have I taken advantage of the elderly exercise bikes on board so the activity has been reduced to some leisurely strolling around town, a couple of climbs to castles and a turn or two on the dance floor. The four-course dinners are not helping anything! But I am having a lovely time :)

Any tips for resisting cruise ship buffets?

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