Monday, 9 November 2015

Review : Simply Supplements

As a vegetarian, PT and ultra runner maintaining my health and making sure that I am getting all the vitamins and minerals I need is very important to me. I take iron and B12 supplements once a week as I don't absorb these from food very well and take glucosamine daily to help protect my joints. This, in conjunction with a diet rich in fruit, veg and grains seems to stand me in good stead.

I tend to get my supplements from Healthspan but when Simply Supplements contacted me to ask if I would be interested in trying some of their products and writing a review I thought I'd put them to the test a bit. Rather than searching online to find supplements I thought I could use, or just trying different versions of those I already take, I asked what others they would suggest for me. Very quickly, they came back suggesting Vitamin C (to support iron absorption), MSM (similar to Glucosamine, popular with sports people) and a Calcium & Vit D supplement (to support healthy bones and energy levels throughout winter). They sent me out full sized packs of all three supplements and I've been taking them now for about a month.
It's hard to tell, unless you have a real deficiency, whether supplements are making a real difference so I can only comment on this in reference to how I've felt in the past. I'm putting more focus on my strength training recently, thereby taking more impact to my joints, and although I've been feeling the effects in my muscles (hullo quads) my joints have been feeling in fine fettle. Getting up for the early morning PT and teaching sessions is so much harder now at this time of year and I found my energy levels really dipping this time last year but I'm certain the vitamin D is having an impact as I'm feeling much brighter than I would expect.

The tablets are medium sized and uncoated, so if you have problems swallowing tables then do consider that. The vitamin C tablets are chewable with a somewhat chalky consistency and strong artificial orange flavour, but not entirely unpleasant. Simply Supplements seem to be slightly cheaper than Healthspan and of similar quality so could be worth looking at as an alternative. If you order before 3pm you'll get same day dispatch. P&P is free and students get 20% discount so no excuse for not looking after yourself on a student budget. I'd certainly compare products on Healthspan and Simply Supplements before buying in future.

Have you tried this brand before? How do you feel about supplements generally?

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