Friday, 20 November 2015

Waste Not : What's In My Fridge

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall may have left our screens for the time being but the message of his War of Waste programme are still with me. Think about what you buy. Try to avoid waste whenever possible. Be fair to the producer. I always thought I was pretty good at avoiding food waste and not over buying but I thought it would be interesting to put this to the test and so I'm going to share with you the contents of my fridge and over the next few weeks, give up dates about what else I buy, what I use up (and how) and what I've had to throw away. This is a completely honest look. No styling or filters here!

Let's start with the salad drawers. Drawer one contains a head of broccoli and a red pepper I bought this week. There's also some beetroot and a courgette from a veg box, apples and a bag of salad tomatoes, chillies and a red pepper from mum's garden. Drawer two contains more apples, onions and two leeks from the veg box.
Drawer one.
Drawer two.
Ok, so far so good. The bottom two shelves are the ones I'm not keen on sharing but here we go. Booze! The bottom shelf is all booze. I don't drink a lot so it's all been there for months, but I like to be prepared for guests so there's a bottle of fizz, some beers, white wine and pimms. This is also the condiments zone. Olives, artichokes, mustards, jam and chutney. Oh and some lettuce that wouldn't fit in the drawer.
The top two shelves are a bit better... The lower one contains an assortment of protein drinks, pomegranate juice, coconut water, avocados and sheep's yogurt. Aside from the protein shakes these are not usual fixtures, but I'm playing with cutting out cow's dairy and trying to find ways to disguise barley grass powder in drinks. The top shelf contains half an avocado in a box, a tub of boiled eggs for snacks, a wealth of tomatoes and some sheep's cheese.
The door is a jumble of eggs, butter, cordials juices, condiments and almond milk.
There was also a plate in the fridge that had half a spinach and paprika omelette on it. Left overs from dinner destined to be lunch in a day or so.
It's not the best, nor the worst fridge. Most of these items are destined for specific recipes which I'm happy to share as we go if you like. I'm quite interested to see how this plays out.

Do you end up throwing food away or are you a frugal, well organised cook?

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