Wednesday, 11 November 2015

There's Always Time. It's Just How You Use It.

Do you get those weeks when you realise that things expand to fill the time you have? Last week felt like one of those. I had some days when I didn't seem to get anything done, whilst simultaneously busying myself, and others when I made a concerted effort to achieve and ticked off lots of things.

I only managed to make it to one class last week, as work and family commitments took priority, and motivation to work out alone or late or in the dark was somewhat lacking. I need to work on that. It didn't help that on Monday night I suffered with a rather lengthy bout of insomnia, thanks to some antibiotics I was taking. So while I did some exercise on Tuesday and Wednesday in a sleepy state, I would normally have done more and I felt grumpy about that.
Earned my virtual runner medal on 3 hours sleep
Neither yoga class was an option this week. Instead on Wednesday I enjoyed dinner with a friend (something we've only managed once before in 8 years of friendship) and Saturday saw me travelling to Canterbury for a family christening, after parkrun of course!
Post parkrun legs
I shadowed another Eat4Health session last week, and followed that up with a visit to their office to talk about the possibility of becoming an instructor for them in the New Year. It would compliment the work I'm doing with the council on the Back to Fitness scheme, encouraging and enabling people to make positive changes to their eating and exercise habits. I find a lot of joy and satisfaction in that.

Although Sunday is marked as a rest day in my training summary below, it felt far from restful. I attended a Kinesiology Taping course at the British School of Osteopathy, run by ProActive Training. It was a full day from 9:30am to 5pm, with only half an hour for lunch and no other breaks. Many of my class mates were osteopaths and I learnt almost as much from them as the instructor. It was a great opportunity to refresh my Anatomy and Physiology knowledge and learn a new skill. We got hands on pretty quickly and were covered neck to toe (really) in tape. As I write this I'm still wearing the postural tape on my back because it feels so good and has made such a difference. I need people to practice on now!
Last bit of news for the week that was, in that I won a place on the PURE Fast & Listen course via PT magazine. I've hinted at the struggles with my diet recently. In the past I've suffered with blood sugar dips so severe and sudden that I've fainted and so I've become nervous of being without a snack or missing meals. So it will be good to address this, see if I can make any positive changes to my eating habits and perhaps learn some things that could benefit clients. Box Bell Fit have just run a Eat Clean Train Dirty course that I didn't take part in but wished I had, so I see this very much as a second chance to make changes in a supported way. The thought of change really scared me at the start but after a great chat with Robyn, half of the husband/wife team who developed and run the course, it's not half so daunting. It would be fair to say I'm still a little sceptical but I'm going to give it a go.

I hope to improve on my efforts last week:
Monday: Boxercise
Tuesday: 2 mile fast effort run
Wednesday: Strength
Thursday: 6 miles easy
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: parkrun
Sunday: Rest day
The life of a gym dog eh?

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