Monday, 30 November 2015

Vik's Picks : November 2015

The weather's just starting to turn to become the sort that you'd expect this time of year. We've been lucky to have a long spell of rather mild weather, all be it somewhat blustery and wet. I'm starting to feel the chill in the gym and outside when I'm teaching so it's probably no surprise that my picks this month relate to that!
  1. First up is this gilet. It has a detachable hood, is nicely padded, boasts inside pockets and the ones on the outside zip up. I ordered one to be printed with my PT logo and web address and I've barely been out of it between classes. Snug!
  2. I earned a few more points with TheProteinWorks recently so I decided to try this butterscotch protein mousse dessert. I love butterscotch angel delight but can easily eat a whole pack in one go so was glad that the extra protein in this means I can only manage half at a time. Similarly great taste but less of the guilt. 
  3. Isn't this buff great? I don't own this design but I'd like to. My collection of buffs has been brought out again after summer retirement, to cover ears when I'm running and warm the neck when I'm teaching outside. Also handy when I forget my sweat towel at the gym. Gotta love a buff. 
  4. Also keeping me warm are these leggings from Sweaty Betty. These were a birthday gift and again, I've spent a lot of time in these. They're super long, comfy, generous on the pockets and warm! These are so super cosy that I may not need to double layer with sweatpants later in the year and that's saying something. 
  5. I've cut a bunch of things out of my diet on a temporary basis recently, to see if it makes a difference to my blood sugar and energy levels. Gluten, cow's dairy and sugar are all on the no-go list at the moment and so my usual sweet treats of chocolate, biscuits and cake are largely no go. I'm still in the "craving sweet things" phase and when that hits I've found a date or two really hits the spot for me. They're also great for sweetening smoothies and gluten free cake so all hail the date!
What are your winter gear picks? What alternative sweet treats could you recommend?

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