Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Unwilling Legs and Cold Feet

It was one of those weeks where you just kind of plough on, only looking a few hours ahead and forgetting what day of the week it is on a regular basis. Thank heavens, then, for lovely things through the post from my mum. A sudden cold snap meant chilly toes and 4-5 layers of clothes at the gym so Christmas slipper socks were perfect!
It was a busy week because I was covering extra classes at the gym while Anna took part in a kettle bell competition in Dublin (and smashed all her expectations). It was a bit of a whirl but great fun and this week feels empty by comparison. As a result I pounced on every free moment I had, made a lovely dent in the sofa and drank oodles of tea.
Looking at the training I achieved during the week it would be easy to think that the lack of longer sessions was down to extra workload but regrettably not. I had a good chunk of time put aside for a long run but I had no energy what so ever. The mind has been willing but the body unable. The change in my diet is still taking it's toll (thankfully only a week to go) and is frustrating beyond words. While I've been bright and chirpy in myself I've had no power in my legs at all. I had my slowest speed session EVER and binned the long run because I realised I would either end up stopping after 3-4 miles having hit the wall and getting frustrated. I'm a bit fed up with it to be honest.

There was a plan to go for a walk on Sunday whilst visiting my cousin and goddaughter in Dover but the weather was so horrific we bundled up inside with a film, conversation and the baby. Can't really be disappointed with that really.
Last week's training ended up like this...
Monday: Strength
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: metafit
Thursday: 3.6 mile run & yoga
Friday: Speed work
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Rest day

When you've had no energy do you push on or listen up?

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