Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas, Culture and Concerts

Stop the search, I have got my energy back! This coincides with the reintroduction of sugar and more carbs into my diet though I wonder if my energy would have returned naturally if I'd kept going with the change. Unfortunately, since reintroduction of these elements, I've gone rather overboard with them and let pretty horrible as a result so I expect I'll be going back to it quite quickly. I'll be writing a full post on it in due course but I've learnt that I *do* have will power and *can* cut things out when I want to but exercising moderation comes much harder.
Soup and a HUGE cheese scone at Grey's Court
I had my best parkrun in about 5 weeks on Saturday. It was at my parent's local course which I've done a few times before and enjoy a great deal. I was convinced I'd started too fast but managed to hang on. My legs felt bouncy and I managed, finally, to get round in under 30 minutes, even under 29 minutes! Number 94 done... getting close to the 100!

Christmas has arrived at the gym in more ways than one. The decorations are up, cards are being exchanged and classes have been slightly quieter, although those who are there are working extra hard, presumably so as to enjoy one more mince pie. It's all very cheery. We will be open for classes between Christmas and New Year and I fully intend to make my classes a bit tougher.
The wind down has definitely begun and I'm feeling remarkably under control this year. So much so I'm wondering if I've forgotten anything! What's added to this feeling was a long weekend with Mum and Dad. We visited two local National Trust properties to see the houses decorated for Christmas, went to a matinee at the theatre, watched an entire series of Downton Abbey in 24 hours and rocked out at the annual Status Quo concert.
Quirky Christmas decorations at Basildon Park
My aim this week is to keep up the momentum of last week and better it if I can.
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: metafit
Wednesday: Strength, speedwork & yoga
Thursday: 5 mile run
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: parkrun
Sunday: 1h45 of jumping around (aka Status Quo concert)

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