Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Socialising, Sweet Treats and Seasonal Festivities

Last week was back to relative normality in terms of workload, which is something of a mixed blessing; lovely to have a bit more time in the day but also nice to earn some more pennies of course.

Having that extra time on my hands, though, meant that I could be a little more sociable which was well timed given that my friend Shruti, the girl who talked me in to climbing Kilimanjaro which is what started this whole blog in the first place, was over from the USA for just five days. So on Wednesday, after class and PT, I hot-footed it into London to meet Shruti, her hubby and 10-month old baby and our mutual friend Alex for lunch at Jamie's (free wine, soup and mince pies thanks to the Gold Card) and a wander around Covent Garden. It was wonderful.
The Christmas tree got brought indoors and decked with lights and baubles, the advent calendar has been started and my mum has been sending me a steady stream of goodies by post too. This has included socks, tea bags, snack bars and chocolates. My fruit bowl may contain clementines and sprouts but they are of the chocolate variety!
I also submitted my distance total for my November training and received a poppy medal for my efforts thanks to Virtual Runner. I'd hoped to do many more miles but it's all contributed to the grand total of all entrants and it was money for a good cause so really can't complain. Plus it's a wonderful medal.
My training wasn't any better on the running front during last week but overall I did a bit more exercise than the week before, including yoga by Christmas tree light in the local school hall and Busy parkrun on Saturday morning. Running Bushy has been on my "to do" list for over a year and once I realised it wasn't very far from a friend who lived in Richmond, who I happened to visit at the weekend, it was a no brainer. Admittedly it was horribly windy and my legs refused to work, but it's ticked off and I'm now up to parkrun number 93!
Getting festive by some holly in Kew Gardens
We supplemented my parkrun with a walk to and around Kew Gardens on Saturday and around Kensington Gardens on Sunday, after a rather bizarre trip to Notting Hill in an attempt to have brunch. It didn't work out quite as planned but that's a story I'll let paul tell sometime. The good news is that this week I seem to be getting a bit more of my energy back, having re-introduced a few more carbs back into my diet. I'm not going crazy, but it's definitely worth doing for the sake of my sanity.

So all in all, last week's training ended up like this...
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: Strength
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: metafit
Saturday: parkrun + 2miles run + 4 miles walk
Sunday: 4 miles walk

What's your favourite place to go walking this time of year? When does your tree go up and what's the best advent calendar you've ever had?

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