Sunday, 30 December 2012

Fundraising Update - December

Somehow I've made it up to 14%! Actually I know exactly how it happened, thanks to some very lovely friends and colleagues and a couple of bakes sales. It's creeping up slowly but surely without too much badgering and I'm so grateful to everyone. So very grateful.

It's lovely to know that people have faith in me and feel moved to donate or sponsor me. It's helping me to step out of the door on days when I don't really feel like it, make me realise that I can already run 8 miles which is almost a third of a marathon and remind me that this isn't just a personal challenge.

In the new year I shall be buying a new pair of trainers with my Christmas money, getting my bike serviced and setting about the job of raising money a little more seriously. What with Christmas preparations I've not ha as much time as I would have liked, nor felt right about asking for money. I appreciate that some people are in a more generous spirit this time of year and that January blues (and reds) will be their own challenge but no matter. People have been keen to part with a pound for a home made mince pie.

This month I would like to give special thanks to Nana and Fran, both of whom have shown a huge amount of belief and support. Thank you.

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