Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Last Long Run

This week's training:  30 miles, 20+45 minute bike (whilst reading Chrissie Wellington's Autobiography), 2 x body pump, swim 600m

I felt absolutely exhausted and really hungry on Monday after last weekend's long run. Coupled with my body clock being up the spout all week (struggling to get to sleep and waking up around 6:30am) tiredness was a theme of the week. I was especially tired on Thursday to the point where I really wasn't sure I was going to be able to manage even a mile run (I did 8 in the end). I'm not sure if it was jetlag, worries, overdoing the training or not eating enough... but it seems to have sorted itself out now.

I decided not to keep my food diary on Friday or fret over what I was eating. It was bliss! I ate a lot of cake but I think, in a funny way, it did me good. I've been better since but for once I decided to listen to my body on the food front. It'll probably want clean food again next week which I'm more than happy to oblige it with. Need to eat well now in the run up to the race (as I do usually) but I can do that without denying myself everything.

Given all that I was really pleased with what I achieved this week. I'm continually surprising myself with what I am capable of these days. My body is stronger and leaner, I'm mentally tougher and I'm now just three weeks away from the London Marathon! I ran what I'm calling my "last long run" this morning. I say that but really I do have a couple more to do, just nothing like what I have run to date. It was a whole 18 miles, at a good pace too, the longest I've ever run. It felt really good although I can tell my knees and glutes are going to ache tomorrow. I was in a really good mental state, which I am finding is the key to whether or not I manage the runs. Now I've just got to do that plus another 8 miles on the day! I've also started to introduce swimming into my schedule which is lovely.

I've got a local half marathon next weekend, which feels like no big deal now, and I'll continue to taper off for the rest of the run up to VLM race day. I found out today that my Aunt will be coming up for that weekend to support me alongside mum and dad. She was at the very first London Marathon and has watched them all on TV. I think it's the 33rd one this year and I turn 33 in August so that's pretty cool as well. I'm so thriled, It means an awful lot to both of us to be sharing this day together, because it is the biggie in my list of events really. We're going to take a couple of photos of us together tomorrow, with my in my Sleroderma running top, so I can send out some press releases.

She's also given me the money to enter the Run to the Beat half marathon in September as a thank you for everything I'm doing. Seems a little funny I guess, entering a race as a reward for running so much but although I will definitely have a break after all this is done, I have realised I just can't give it up completely. I enjoy it far too much especially while there are such amazing fun race out there still to try. I've been wanting to do this one for a couple of years but the price has always put me off but now I'm officially entered and I cannot wait! Psyched!

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