Thursday, 4 July 2013

What's in my race bag?

What do you take with you to races? I have a bag that I take to just about every race I ever run which whatever I think I'm going to need for the event. Some things change depending on the weather or distance but the basics stay the same. These are the things I deem pretty much essential:

Race pack or confirmation of entry
ID and some cash
Car and house keys
Safety pins! - I keep a few sets of 4 pinned to the inside of my bag often end up loaning them out.
Bottle of water and/or recovery drink
Post-race snack
Small towel - for sweat and mud removal
Lip balm - blisters or chapped lips, I'm not sure which are worse
Hand gel - I favour the mango one from Body Shop at the moment - smells so good!
Plasters and anti-septic wipes*- in case of injury or blisters
Wet wipes - for more mud removal

* On a long race I'll carry these things with me in a bum bag along with some gels

Optional extras
Hat - if it's threatening rain
Carrier bag for dirty kit
Change of clothes

What are your race essentials? Do you go minimal?

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