Friday, 25 October 2013

Sluggishness and Nerves

Last weekend got off to a brilliant start as I made it to parkrun and ran a very satisfying 27:47 - 20 seconds away from my PB! I couldn't go this week as I had my Gym Instructor assessment (more on that in a minute) but I also couldn't fit in my PT session or go through my program more than once by myself so I doubt I'd have seen any improvement. I am so keen to see my speeds drop I'm prepared to put the effort in, it's just a question of available time. How long before I'm seeing parkrun times starting with a 26 I wonder?

The rest of the weekend was equally fab involved food and friends more that exercise. I treated myself to lunch on Saturday, went to wedding reception on Saturday evening, was treated to brunch with my fella on Sunday and ended it by travelling up to see my lovely friend Alex in Ipswich on Sunday afternoon. She's just started her training for the Brighton Marathon next year and is embarking on a low carb diet and having an hours PT session once a week to keep her on the straight and narrow. It'll be the second time she's taken part in the marathon and I'm so proud of her. I wish I could do it with her but I can't face the fundraising I'd have to commit to for a place so I'm just looking forward to the training run we're doing together in February in the form of the 10 Miles Carnival du Nice. Oh and I'll be going along to support her in Brighton of course. Can't wait!

I didn't get back from Ipswich until Tuesday and had intended to do a Group Kick class that evening. Unfortunately a tummy bug and all the driving wiped me out so I cried off. I regret that now as I'm starting to really feel the sluggishness of a more sedentary lifestyle kicking in and getting frustrated by it. I'm not bemoaning my social calendar or commitments but when I felt so much better for finally getting to Body Balance on Thursday evening and doing something. I made the effort to get up early this morning and work out to a DVD. I used to find it fairly tough but it's testament to my training this year that I felt very strong in class last night and this morning.

Tomorrow morning I take my Gym Instructor assessment. I'm a bit nervous but the things I'm worried about (stumbling over my words, getting things in the wrong order) aren't the end of the world. I do know my stuff and I've informally taught most of it to friends before, even before I started the course so it should go ok.

I'd love to get up to my allotment in the afternoon but the weather forecast predicts storms which gives me the perfect excuse to hole up in the gym a while and attack some intervals and weights. In the evening I'm going to my first ever ice hockey game with some friends. Pretty darn excited about that!! My fella has suggested going for a run together on Sunday which I'm unduly nervous about. I expect to be grumpy for most of it as I'm sure I'll be dragged out rain or shine and there's bound to be hills involved. On the other hand I know I'll feel better for it and there'll be tea when we finish. Can't argue with tea.

Is anyone else struggling to get into an autumn workout routine? Ever been to watch ice hockey? What's it like?

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