Friday, 20 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

This week I have mostly been full of festive tingles. I am in full on festive mode, my concentration is all to pot and I've discovered the utterly delicious indulgence of stirring a tablespoon of brandy cream into porridge with sultanas and apple for breakfast. Hum.
I've also been eating mince pies and drinking damson gin...
I'm keeping a food diary this week which I want to analyse and use to correct any deficiencies and generally improve my diet. The brandy cream doesn't seem to have had too much effect yet. I even discovered I weighed a kilo less than I expected - woo! Space for mince pies! Tempting as it is to go all out I'm trying to be vaguely sensible, despite hosting a fondue evening yesterday. I've felt up to being a little more active so it's been a 2-dog-walks, gym session, yoga and fab fitcetera workout via the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar sort of week. It's felt good. Really good.

My postman's been busy this week, delivering a few treats from shoebird, elle, sportsisterThe Protein Works, flipgym and nuun. I'm now fully kitted out for all my fitness needs :) Can't wait to wear my new-to-me leggings to the gym to see how many people I distract. I've just worn them around the house so far.
You can just about see the amazing pattern of those leggings.  I'm smitten with them.
flip gym workout cards and my new favourite thing… gymboss!
In other related news the Christmas Giveaway competition has ended and the winners have been picked! Congratulations to the winner and runners up; I'm sorry that you couldn't all win but hopefully I'll be in a position to run another competition in the future. The winners have been contacted and if you'd like to see who won you can hop on back to the competition page where they'll be displayed on the rafflecopter widget.

I think all that remains now is for me to wish you all a VERY merry Christmas. Have fun, make merry, don't begrudge yourself that second helping of Christmas pud or glass of prosecco. You've worked hard all year, you'll no doubt be working hard next year, a couple of days isn't going to hurt (advice I need to take) and in any case you'll probably dance it off at a party or run it off at a festive parkrun. I've scheduled a reflection post for the end of the year but this is really my last post of the year. I'm off to enjoy myself :)

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