Monday, 3 November 2014

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

I'm sorry about the title, I couldn't help myself. I should also state up front that this post has absolutely nothing to do with running and is picture heavy. I rarely write anything that isn't related to health or fitness but I really wanted to share a bit about my recent jaunt to Copenhagen with a good friend of mine. I spent it mostly in a state of glee, starting with a trip from Heathrow car park on a Pod... have you ever been on one of these? It's like being in the future. These driverless vehicles transport you right to the terminal door. It's awesome.

Our first day was not actually spent in Copenhagen at all. As an avid fan of The Bridge I was thrilled (yes, still) to take a trip on the train over said bridge to Malmo. We spent the day exploring the town, the castle and the museum. We also had the most amazing cheesecake.
The only picture I could get of the bridge...
The most amazing cheesecake. We shared.
Amusingly named restaurant that we didn't patronise.
Can't get away...
The museum consists of about 5 different buildings and numerous exhibitions. It was well worth the entrance fee. One of the most fun was the Technology and Maritime Museum. Here we got acquainted with planes, trains and submarines. Oh and tractors :)
It's not quite a brand new combine harvester...
I miss my bike sometimes.

By chance we visited at one of the times of year when the amusement park, for lack of a better term, Tivoli is open. Tivoli is a magical place full of rides, amusements, stalls, restaurants and theatre that gets decorated according to the season a few times a year and opened up for just a few weeks at a time. I didn't get any really good night shots... but my friend got a brilliant bit of video of the amazing Zombie Dance Show that I hope to get a copy of.
Gateway to wonder land.
We walked a LOT during the rest of our time in Copenhagen. It's a beautiful city. If you've a soft spot for architecture or history there's a lot for you there. If you like cake or dragons there's also a lot for you there. Particular highlights for me were the Round Tower, unexpectedly finding ourselves in the Green Light District in Christiania and Tivoli.
I'd recommend taking one of the canal boat tours and just meandering the streets, especially the side roads. There are an abundance of cool cafes, bars and shops. I found a lot of beauty there.
The Little Mermaid
We were told we should pay a visit to La Glace, a beautiful cake shop that serves around 20 different varieties. Queues stretch out of the door almost all day but it's worth the wait and the staff's efficiency means you have exactly enough time to drool over the window displays before you get seated.

I did think about running while I was away. It was only at the weekend that I saw any significant number of runners. It doesn't seem to be much of a scene but maybe I'm wrong about that. I have said to myself that I'll investigate what races they have over there and maybe use it as en excuse to go back... I was pretty sad to leave, there's more I'd love to explore... and there's lots more cake I want to eat!

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