Friday, 12 February 2016

'Tis the Season for Running

It's definitely the season for running! The weather's not really been on our side lately for outdoor running but hundreds, thousands of us, are out there week in, week out, getting the miles in. Lots of people are tackling 10km, half marathon and marathon training or just getting back into running and I've felt privileged to have been part of some of these journeys. Not only do I coach the RunFitUK sessions in Bracknell but also coach some clients individually on running fitness and have just started coaching a team from Bracknell Forest Council who are working towards the Bracknell Half Marathon in May.

Every week at RunFit, I look forward to hearing about that week's milestones, progress and achievements, and their plans for next events. I've seen some people progress through nerves for their first 5k to setting their sights on a 10k and half marathon PBs.

The way in which I approach sessions with my 1-2-1 clients varies depending on their goals. In some cases I pace them through some miles or set the some intervals to work through. I love getting the texts between sessions with feedback on how they've gotten on in other planned training runs. To see someone's confidence grow is just so rewarding.

While I am building up my own miles and fitness, I'm continually inspired by the enthusiasm and achievements of others. It keeps me going and I love coming up with sessions that will be fun but also challenging and useful for those I train. Recently, on a social run that included some of my RunFitters, I was asked if I'd set up some workshops for trail and hill running. So that's exactly what I'm setting out to do next. 

Someone mentioned recently that while there are lots of running groups and clubs around, very few of us know where to go to learn *how* to run. And that's what I try to help with in my RunFit and other sessions. Every week we look at a technique and I'm constantly giving key word prompts on form. Apparently these have come into my runners heads during races. I think a podcast was suggested once! And so focussing on hill and trail running fits within this scope really well and they'll be announced on the RunFitUK website in due course.

In the meantime do think about adding in some technique drills to your running, or finding someone who can help you with that. It can help you to be a more efficient runner as well as help to prevent injury.

Where you taught how to run? By whom? Is it something you think we need to do at all?

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