Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Event Review : NT Night Run

For as long as I've been aware of the National Trust, I think I've been involved in some way. In fact had I not become a PT, I would have ended up working for them but. I've been a supporter, a volunteer, a visitor and now I've been involved through sports.

Rather than keep their grounds pristine, the Trust have been opening them up to actually be used and enjoyed in a practical way. You may already be aware that a lot of properties are used in films, and maybe that some host the phenomenon that is parkrun. But this Spring many have also been hosting night runs. For £16.50 you can register to run 7km around the grounds, or pay £8 to run 2km. The two distances make it accessible for all and the profits go back into the properties. I chose to run at Osterley, it being one of the more local ones that I'd never visited.

The event started at 6:15pm on a Saturday evening so Dean and I rocked up at about 5:30pm to collect our race numbers and meet my parents who were once again there in cheerleading capacity. The race info had suggested that we wear bright clothing as well as the necessary head torch so there were crazy leggings and wacky head gear in abundance... at least between the four of us. It was cold a snowy night so we took shelter in the cafe with coffees and kit kats until fellow Bracknell Forest Runner and ex-RunFitter Rachel arrived with little Lola the dog, also ready to run.
There was a warm up before the start, and we were off promptly for the 7km. The 2km event started around five minutes later. We decided to take it easy and run at the speed of chat. It being dark, there wasn't a lot to look at but there were a few points on the course were things were a bit slippery and narrow so it wouldn't have been a PB sort of thing anyway. It was a three lap affair, one longer and two shorter, passing the finish each time so we could wave at our cheerleaders who seemed to be having a fine time near the disco. We took about 50 minutes to complete the course and were rewarded with a drawstring bag, some sweets, information about the Trust and a glow-in-the-dark medal.
Did you see this man? Did he give you a cheer?
The cafe had closed but there was a fine refreshment tent that we gave custom to. I had a great time and would absolutely do something like this again for fun. There were far fewer entrants than I anticipated, which I felt was a pity, and we were the only ones taking fancy dress seriously although that did mean we got lots of shout outs. Announcements could have been a little clearer and the lap/finish point organised a little better but the course was well marked and marshalled, there was plenty of parking, and ultimately it was a really fun event for a great cause. Some might consider it a little expensive for the distance, however it's just one of the more inventive ways for the Trust to raise funds to maintain and improve their properties so I don't begrudge it one bit and I hope to try some other events sometime.
Have you done parkrun at a National Trust property? Is it your "home" parkrun? Tried a night run or another activity? Let's hear about it!

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