Friday, 31 March 2017

Vik's Picks : March 2017

This month my picks are very much geared towards looking after myself. I make no apology for the local links... these guys are part of my unofficial tried-and-tested rehab crew, but even if you're not, finding your own "team" is worth considering. As my own training ramps up I'm trying to make an extra special effort to give enough time to recovery and as we edge closer to many people's marathon dates it's quite relevant!

1. Torq energy gels have been fuelling me on some of my bike rides recently. I
ve chosen to try them on the bike rides rather than on runs on the basis that as I've not ventured out of the gym for cycling lately, if they do upset me I'm only a hop and a skip from some "facilities". Loving the dessert inspired flavours like raspberry ripple, apple crumble and rhubarb and custard!

2. Meridian Foods Coconut & Almond butter has also been fuelling me, but mainly post run or for breakfasts in over night oats, on bagels and rice cakes. I like the subtle hint of coconut and how spreadable it is. Doesn't seem to separate too much and is also an excellent addition to banana bread!

3. Well Being Treatments is the business name taken by the lovely Georgina who has been looking after Dean and I for months with sports massages. She's the only person who's managed to get Dean close to being able to touch his toes - how's that for magic? I firmly believe that massage shouldn't be a last resort but a regular part of your routine if you train for events.

4. Similarly I've been visiting Elgar Physio for some months now on a voyage of discovery to find out what's causing my niggly knee and what might fix it. Five minutes of backwards walking at least every other day seems to be doing the trick for the most part and again I think if you can find a physio that you get on with, you will better recover from and avoid injury. Matt doesn't claim to know everything and I like his down to earth approach fuelled by curiosity.

5. A little bit of self-care I can do at home is soaking those tired muscles. Adding Champneys Heavenly Days Relaxing Bubble Heaven to my bath has been a more regular treat in the last couple of months. I still use salts but when I'm highly strung after a hard session this helps to calm me. If you're a Vitality member you can get a discount on these products direct from Champneys but they are also available from Boots stores.

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