Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Juenathon Day 12

I'm so tired/cold even my fingers are shaky so please excuse any spelling mistakes that slip through the net! Just got home from an awesome speedwork session with the running club. The rain held off and I got chatting to some really great people. One of the girls works with my OH's friend. As it happened OH and friend went out for a run tonight and both theis girl and I had tried to persuade them to come to speedwork. Sdaly it was not to be. I reckon they'd have enjoyed it. As it was they ran a 4 miles in the same pace I averaged my half mile repeats so boo sucks.

Tonight I ran 5 x 800m with three mins rest between at an average of 8:15 per mile. I'm really chuffed with that as my fastest pace over anything 3 miles and up is around 9:30 per mile. I was still the slowest but strangely, this time, I don't care! There's hope for me yet!

Tomorrow is pub run which I'm looking forward to.

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