Monday, 11 June 2012

Juneathon Day 11

Really poor effort today. I'd planned to run this evening, the weather report saying that the rain would have mostly cleared by then but a miserable day at work followed by returning home to find the lounge occupied by football-watching people and the fact it was still cold, wet and windy just drained me out. I got as far as planning what I would wear to run in but I couldn't make it happen, particularly in the knowledge that I will be running in weather like this the next two nights anyway with running club. That's the marvellous thing about the club, I'll go even when the weather is rotten because I like to see people and I feel really bad if I don't go. I wouldn't say I have made any firm friends there yet, no one who'd gee me up to go, but I enjoy being part of it.

So in lieu of a run I did some core work instead. That consisted of 200 exercises, 40 each of regular crunches, reverse crunches, bicycles, lateral crunches and russian twists. I feel pretty rubbish but seeking solace in the knowledge I've not had any alcohol for over a week and that I've been eating well lately. Well done to everyone who has actually gone out and run this evening. Actually one of the things that really puts me off running is having to wash my hair every single time because I get so hot. Dry shampoo just won't cut it so if I run in the evening I end up having two showers a day and that just seems such a pfaff. Lame huh?

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