Thursday, 14 June 2012

Juneathon Days 13 & 14

So yesterday was the running club's pub run. I thought I was going to miss it because I'd gone round to Anita's to play with her new kitten but in the event a couple of other people were late too and the beginners group I decided to join waited for them. The idea is that you order your food in the pub, go for a run and then have a meal with everyone when you get back. There were a couple of groups that did 7 and 5 miles but I opted for the 2.5 mile because I awsn't sure about the area or how my legs were going to be after speed traning the night before. I'm glad I didn't do the 5 because it was very hilly and very sandy but I enjoyed it and am starting to be able to tell the differene between a hard run and an easy run which is great. I don't know exactly how long it took because no one was timing us but I reckon it was about half an hour.

It was great to socialise with everyone afterwards and I'm definitely starting to make friends there rather than just standing awkwardly on the edge of things. I spent ages talking to Mary and Russell who I met at speed work on Tuesday. I think we may have all talked ourselves into doing a triathlon this year... It's funny how people's perceptions of what's impressive differs. Russell was all about the ultra running and Marathon Des Sables which I think is awesome but he thought my swim in the Thames was something special. I came home full of bounce and happiness which was deflated about half an hour later when I was told that I talk too much about running and that it's boring. The hurt of that comment has only just faded. It hurt because it came from one of the people I like to talk to most about stuff that goes on in my life and running is a big part of that right now. I guess I thought they were more interested in running than they actually are. I've probably taken it too much to heart but there's ways of saying things like that and it was pretty blunt.

I had thought I'd go for a run if I woke up early this morning. I did wake up early but I still felt pretty deflated and I clearly hadn't slept well so instead I walked into town and back at lunch time to visit the library which was almost 2 miles. Broke up the day nicely and I got 3 books so all round win in the absence of time to run later.

I've been chatting to @wannabe_runner on twitter over the past day and I think we're both going to do the Samaritans 10k in Crowthorne on July 1st. She has sort of talked me into it because I'm such a push over! It would be really cool to meet someone I've only ever spoken to on twitter. I've never done that before...

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