Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Juneathon Day 25

I was looking forward to a 4.5 mile run with some of the club members last night, trialling a race that's happening in a week and a half. Really psyched up. I want to increase my distances, both on single runs and week totals. Then OH suggests a date night at the local for pie.

I like pie. I also like running. It was a really tough decision. I couldn't do both as I had to visit my allotment that evening and I got a bit upset when he said he'd run before we went. In the end he didn't (it's going to be hard enough to forgive him for going to MY club for speed work tonight) and we had a lovely evening. Walked into town and back which was totally negated by pie consumption but does still count as exercise.

No time to run now until Thursday and I miss both speed work and the club championship race and BBQ this week (sulk) however there will be abs work and also Frankie Valli and Alanis Morrisette respectively so I really shouldn't moan.

Got too much energy though!

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