Thursday, 16 May 2013

Membership vs Non-member prices : Part 1

In my first Gym for the Win post I mentioned that I'd geekily tracked how much I spent on membership and parking against what I'd have paid to use the facilities in the same way as a non member at the sport center I was a member of before the start of the campaign.

The results are thus:
First month = £20.12
Corporate membership = £35.70
(Standard membership = £42.00)
Gym sessions = 19
Classes = 19
Spin = 3
Swim sessions = 10
Total = 51

To date I've saved a whopping £178 by being a member over 4 months and 51 classes/sessions as opposed to paying by session.

It's worth pointing out, I think, that I most likely wouldn't have used the centre in the same way if I hadn't been a member. Most of my swim sessions were less than 30 minutes and my gym sessions only 30-45 on most occasions and I really think £8 is far too steep for less than an hour in the gym. So I'd have likely done more in one go in order to get value for money. Given I prefer to run outside I only used the gym for the bike, an occasional short run on the treadmill before class and the rare free weights session. But having a membership gave me the flexibility to just do half an hour in the pool or 20 minutes hard on the bike before a Body Pump class, which was great.

I'll be using my new centre(s) in a slightly different way and so I'll be tracking my savings again and I'll post the findings later in the month with my thoughts on the new centre vs the old and what I've found to be value for money, if anything!

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  1. Thats a very healthy saving indeed. Well done you! I wish I could be as disciplined as you.